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Most of the following papers are downloadable directly using Acrobat. A few are currently unavailable: either they are being revised or they are preliminary drafts. It may be possible to make a copy available on request.

1. Nature or Nurture? Explaining English Wheat Yields in the Agricultural Revolution.
[Abstract] [Full Text]

2. Estimating English Wheat Production in the Industrial Revolution.
[Abstract] [Full Text]

3. An Arbitrage Model of Crop Rotation.
[Abstract] [Full Text]

4. Where there's Muck, there's Brass: the Market for Manure in the Industrial Revolution.
[Abstract] [Full Text]

5. Arthur Young and the Inception of the Social Science Survey.
[Abstract] [Full Text]

6. A Grain of Truth in Medieval Interest Rates? Re-examining the McCloskey-Nash Hypothesis.
(co-authored with Edmund Cannon at the University of Bristol). [Abstract] [Full Text]

7. Mechanical Innovation in the Industrial Revolution: the Case of Plough Design.

8. Why was England First? Agricultural Productivity Growth in England France, 1700-1850.

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