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The Data Library is available to all social scientists in the University. Its purpose is to store and maintain many of the important socio-economic datasets that are available for further analysis, and to facilitate access to the wealth of data that these contain. The Data Services Officer, Jane Roberts, provides assistance to those who are hoping to use existing data for their research.  


The Library's holdings
The range of datasets accessible through the Library includes:

  • The Government-produced continuous multi-purpose surveys of large samples of the population, such as the General Household Survey and the Labour Force Survey. These rich datasets offer researchers the opportunity to explore the relationships between family composition, housing, income, employment, education, health and so on.
  • Ad hoc surveys (which may be repeated to provide a series), using smaller samples, but covering specific topics in more detail. There are datasets covering the whole range of subjects of interest to social scientists.
  • European, American and multi-national datasets, providing opportunities for international comparisons.

    We can provide information on their contents and make arrangements for access.
Advice on data sources
We have access to information sources on the whole range of data that are currently available, including searching facilities of holdings at the UK Data Archive and other Archives around the world. Any new datasets that are required can normally be ordered and mounted here in a few days.

Transferring data
We can provide assistance with the transfer of data and documentation between users and between sites.

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