Tony Atkinson’s Recent Research Papers


Agnar Sandmo Lecture, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, January 2012.

"Optimum population, welfare economics, and inequality", paper prepared for the Oxford Martin School Seminar on "Is the planet full?"

"EU social policy beyond the crisis", lecture at conference organised by the Bank of Greece, May 2011.

"On the identification of the 'middle class'", 2011, with Andrea Brandolini.

"Basic income: Ethics, statistics and economics", lecture given at the Workshop on "Basic Income and Income Redistribution", organised by the Centre for Research in Economic Analysis, at the University of Luxembourg, April 2011.

"Income distribution and social change after 50 years", Richard Titmuss Memorial Lecture at LSE, March 2011.

"Britain, Germany and Social Europe 1973-2020", first Anglo German Foundation Lecture, British Academy, January 2011.

"Evidence on top incomes in Tanzania", 2010, paper for the International Growth Centre.

"Growth, poverty and distribution in Tanzania", 2010, with Maria Ana Lugo, paper for the International Growth Centre.

"Issues in the reform of social policy in China", 2009, background paper prepared as input into 12th Five Year Plan.

"Charitable bequests and wealth at death in Great Britain", 2009, with Peter Backus and John Micklewright, Working Paper A09/03 of the University of Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute.