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 *1999-W27 Christian List Multidimensional Inequality Measurement: A Proposal

 *1999-W26 Luca Nunziata The Effects of Labour Market Institutions on The Employment Dynamics over The Cycle

 1999-W25 Stephen Morris and Hyun Song Shin Coordination risk and the price of debt

 *1999-W24 Gavin Cameron Why did UK manufacturing productivity growth slow down in the 1970s and speed up in the 1980s?

1999-W23 Tina Hviid Rydberg and Neil Shephard Modelling trade-by-trade price movements of multiple assets using multivariate compound Poisson processes.

*1999-W22 David Myatt Instant Exit from the War of Attrition

*1999-W21 David Myatt A New Theory of Strategic Voting

*1999-W20 Richard Breen and Cecilia García-Peñalosa Income Inequality and Macroeconomic Volatility: An Empirical Investigation

1999-W19 Bent Nielsen The Asymptotic Distribution of Unit Root Tests of Unstable Autoregressive Processes has now been published in Econometrica, Vol 69, p.211-219 (2001).

 1999-W18 Siddhartha Chib, Federico Nardari and Neil Shephard Analysis of high dimensional multivariate stochastic volatility models

*1999-W17 Leonardo Felli and Kevin Roberts Competition and Hold-Ups

*1999-W16 Paul A. David and Bronwyn Hall, Heart of Darkness: Public-Private Interactions Inside the R&D Black Box.

*1999-W15 John K.-H. Quah. The Weak Axiom and Comparative Statics.

1999-W14 Tina Hviid Rydberg and Neil Shephard, A modelling framework for the prices and times of trades made on the New York stock exchange in W.J. Fitzgerald, R.L. Smith, A.T. Walden and P. C. Young (eds.) Nonlinear and Nonstationary Signal Processing (Cambridge: Newton Institue Series, Cambridge University Press, 2000), forthcoming.

1999-W13 Michael K Pitt and Neil Shephard, Auxiliary variable based particle filters, in A. Doucet, J.F.G. de Freitas and N.J. Gordon (eds.) Sequential Monte Carlo Methods in Practice (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000), forthcoming.

*1999-W12 Paul Klemperer, Auction Theory: A Guide to the Literature

*1999-W11 Jeremy Bulow and Paul Klemperer, The Tobacco Deal

*1999-W10 Alessandra Casarico, Pension Systems in Open Economy. Now published under the title "Pension systems in integrated capital markets", in Topics in Economic Analysis and Policy, Vol.1, issue 1, 2001.

 1999-W9 Ole E Barndorff-Nielsen and Neil Shephard, Non-Gaussian OU based models and some of their uses in financial economics ps version. Revised 8 March 2000.

1999-W8 Bent Nielsen and Neil Shephard, Likelihood Analysis of a First Order Autoregressive Model with Exponential Innovations. Published in Journal of Time Series Analysis, 2003, vol. 24, p. 337-344.

 *1999-W7 Gavin Cameron and John Muellbauer, Earnings, Unemployment, and Housing: Evidence from a Panel of British Regions

*1999-W6 Robin Nuttall, Takeover Likelihood Models for UK Quoted Companies

 *1999-W5 Robin Nuttall, An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of the Threat of Takeover on UK Company Performance

 *1999-W4 Margaret Stevens, Should Firms be Required to Pay for Vocational Training?

 *1999-W3 Bronwyn Hall, Innovation and Market Value

 *1999-W2 Jouni Kuha and Jonathan Temple, Covariate measurement error in quadratic regression

 *1999-W1 David P. Myatt and Chris Wallace, Sophisticated Play by Idiosyncratic Agents

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