Alec Stone Sweet

Alec Stone Sweet

Official Fellow in Politics

Chair in Comparative Government
Nuffield College
Oxford OX1 1NF
United Kingdom

Telephone: (44) (01865) 278599
Fax: (44) (01865) 278621
U.S. Voicemail: (1) 949-824-2687


Fields of Research and Writing: Comparative Politics, European Integration, International Relations, International Law, Comparative Law and Courts, Institutionalist Theory.

Recent Research

Most Recent Books:

Alec Stone Sweet and Wayne Sandholtz: Response To George Tsebelis and Geoffrey Garrett.

Constructing a Supranational Constitution Research Project: Funded by United States National Science Foundation Grant SBR-9412531 (1994), and United States National Science Foundation Grant SBR-9710963 (1997).

The Alec Stone Sweet and Thomas L. Brunell Data Set on Preliminary References in EC Law (1999): Codebook and Data Set on Preliminary References.

Memory and Praise: Acoustic Guitar Solos (Appleseed Recordings)

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