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 To mark the 100th issue of the Disscussion Papers in Economic and Social History a special number reflects on the past and future of Economic and Social History at Oxford .

  The Centennial Issue of the Discussion Papers in Economics and Social History

 Paper no. 116  116. Avner Offer,  June 2013. Narrow Banking, Real Estate, and Financial Stability in the UK, c. 1870-2010  Abstract

 Paper no. 115  115. Robert C. Allen,  June 2013. The High-Wage Economy and the Industrial Revolution: A Restatement  Abstract

 Paper no. 114  114. Vellore Arthi and James Fenske,  May 2013. Labour and Health in Colonial Nigeria  Abstract

 Paper no. 113  113. C.Knick Harley,  April 2013. Slavery, the British Atlantic Economy and the Industrial Revolution  Abstract

 Paper no. 112  112. Simon D. Smith and Martin Forster,  February 2013. 'The Curse of the Caribbean'? Agency's impact on the efficiency of sugar estates in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, 1814-1829  Abstract

 Paper no. 111  111. C.Knick Harley,  February 2013. British and European Industrialization  Abstract

 Paper no. 110  110. Mary Elisabeth Cox,  February 2013. War, Blockades, and Hunger: Nutritional Deprivation of German Children 1914-1924  Abstract

 Paper no. 109  109. Gregg Huff and Shinobu Majima,  October 2012. Financing Japan's World War II Occupation of Southeast Asia  Abstract

 Paper no. 108  108. James Fenske,  October 2012. "Rubber will not keep in this country": Failed Development in Benin, 1897-1921  Abstract

 Paper no. 107  107. James Fenske,  October 2012. The Battle for Rubber in Benin  Abstract

 Paper no. 106  106. Kevin O'Rourke,  October 2012. From Empire to Europe: Britain in the World Economy  Abstract

 Paper no. 105  105. Arthur Downing,  October 2012. Social Capital in Decline: Friendly Societes in Australia, 1850-1914  Abstract

 Paper no. 104  104. Aled Davies,  October 2012. The Evolution of British Monetarism: 1968-1979  Abstract

 Paper no. 103  103. Avner Offer,  August 2012. The Economy of Obligation: Incomplete Contracts and the Cost of the Welfare State  Abstract

 Paper no. 102  102. Avner Offer,  August 2012. A Warrant for Pain: Caveat Emptor vs. the Duty of Care in American Medicine, c. 1970-2010  Abstract

 Paper no. 101  101. Avner Offer,  August 2012. Self-interest, Sympathy and the Invisible Hand: From Adam Smith to Market Liberalism  Abstract

 Paper no. 100  100. Rui Esteves (ed.),  July 2013. Centennial Issue of the Discussion papers in Economic and Social History  Abstract

 Paper no. 99  99. Eric Schneider,  May2012. Real Wages and the Family: Adjusting Real Wages to Changing Demography in Pre-Modern England  Abstract

 Paper no. 98  98. Harold Carter,  May 2012. From Slums to Slums in Three Generations; Housing Policy and the Political Economy of the Welfare State 1945-2005  Abstract

 Paper no. 97  97. Eric B. Schneider,  February 2012. Prices and Production: Agricultural Supply Response in Fourteenth Century England  Abstract

 Paper no. 96  96. Gregg Huff,  February 2012. Gateway Cities and Urbanisation in Southeast Asia before World War II  Abstract

 Paper no. 95  95. Alan de Bromhead, Barry Eichengreen and Kevin O'Rourke,  February 2012. Right Wing Political Extremism in the Great Depression  Abstract

 Paper no. 94  94. Harold James and Kevin O'Rourke,  February 2012. Italy and the First Age of Globalization, 1861-1940  Abstract

 Paper no. 93  93. Simon C. Holmes and Florian Ploeckl,  January 2012. Bank on Steel? Joint-Stock Banks and the Rationalisation of the British Interwar Steel Industry  Abstract

 Paper no. 92  92. Douglas Irwin and Kevin O'Rourke,  November 2011. Coping with Shocks and Shifts: The Multilateral Trading System in Historical Perspective  Abstract

 Paper no. 91  91. Jane Humphries,  July 2011. The Lure of Aggregates and the Pitfalls of the Patriarchal Perspective: A Critique of the High Wage Economy Interpretation of the British Industrial Revolution  Abstract

 Paper no. 90  90. Eric B. Schneider,  July 2011. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Yield-Raising Strategies in Medieval England: An Econometric Approach  Abstract

 Paper no. 89  89. Rui P. Esteves,  June 2011. The Political Economy of Global Financial Liberalization in Historical Perspective  Abstract

 Paper no. 88  88. Emanuele Felice,  March 2011. The Determinants of Italy's Regional Imbalances over the Long Run: Exploring the Contributions of Human and Social Capital  Abstract

 Paper no. 87  87. Paul Minoletti,  February 2011. The Importance of Ideology: The Shift to Factory Production and its Effect on Women's Employment Opportunites in the English Textile Industries  Abstract

 Paper no. 86  86. Luke Samy,  January 2011. 'The Paradox of Success': The Effect of Growth, Competition and Managerial Self-interest on Building Society Risk-taking and Market Structure, c.1880-1939  Abstract

 Paper no. 85  85. S. Ryan Johansson,  October 2010. Medics, Monarchs and Mortality, 1600-1800: Origins of the Knowledge-Driven Health Transition in Europe  Abstract

 Paper no. 84  84. Florian Ploeckl,  August 2010. The Zollverein and the Formation of a Customs Union  Abstract

 Paper no. 83  83. Paul A. David, S. Ryan Johansson and Andrea Pozzi,  August 2010. The Demography of an Early Mortality Transition: Life Expectancy, Survival and Mortality Rates for Britain's Royals, 1500-1799  Abstract

 Paper no. 82  82. Avner Offer, Rachel Pechey and Stanley Ulijaszek,  July 2010. Obesity under Affluence varies by Welfare Regimes: The Effect of Fast Food, Insecurity and Inequality  Abstract

 Paper no. 81  81. C. Knick Harley,  May 2010. Prices and Profits in Cotton Textiles during the Industrial Revolution  Abstract
Paper no. 80  80. Pablo Astorga,  January 2010. Mean reversion in long-horizon real exchange rates: Evidence from Latin America  Abstract
Mark Koyama, The Price of Time and Labour Supply: From the Black Death to the Industrious Revolution  79. Cliff T. Bekar and Clyde G. Reed,  October 2009. Risk, Asset Markets and Inequality: Evidence from Medieval England  Abstract

Mark Koyama, The Price of Time and Labour Supply: From the Black Death to the Industrious Revolution  78.  Mark Koyama,  September 2009. The Price of Time and Labour Supply: From the Black Death to the Industrious Revolution   Abstract

Paper no. 58  77.  David Chacko, April 2009. Medical Liability Litigation: An Historical Look at the Causes for Its Growth in the United Kingdom  Abstract

Paper no. 58  76.  Scott Urban, April 2009.  The Name of the Rose: Classifying 1930s Exchange-Rate Regimes   Abstract

Paper no. 58  75. Pablo Astorga, January 2009. A Century of Economic Growth in Latin America  Abstract

Paper no. 58 74. Avner Offer, December 2008. British Manual Workers: From Producers to Consumers, c. 1950-2000  Abstract

Paper no. 58  73. Leigh A. Gardner, November 2008. To Take or to Make? Contracting for Legitimacy in the Emerging States of Twelfth-Century Britain   Abstract

Paper no. 58  72. Luke Samy, October 2008. The Building Society Promise: Building Societies and Home Ownership, c.1880-1913   Abstract

Paper no. 58  71. Sandra González-Bailón and Tommy MurphySeptember 2008.  When Smaller Families Look Contagious: A Spatial Look At The French Fertility Decline Using An Agent-Based Simulation Model
 Paper no. 58  70. Avner Offer,  June 2008. Charles Feinstein (1932-2004), and British Historical National Accounts  Abstract

 Paper no. 58  69. Guillaume Daudin, April 2008. Domestic Trade and Market Size in Late Eighteenth-Century France  Abstract

 Paper no. 58  68. Roman Studer, November 2007. India and the Great Divergence: Assessing the Efficiency of Grain Markets in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century India  Abstract

 Paper no. 58  67. Paul Sharp and Jacob Weisdorf, November 2007.  From Preventive to Permissive Checks: The Changing Nature of the Malthusian Relationship between Nuptiality and the  Price of  Provisions in the Nineteenth Century Abstract

 Paper no. 58  66. Jane Humphries and Tim Leunig, March 2007.  Cities, Market Integration, and Going to Sea: Stunting and the Standard of Living in Early Nineteenth-Century England and Wales   Abstract

Paper no. 58 65. M.A. Irigoin and R. Grafe, November 2006.  Bargaining for Absolutism: A Spanish Path to Nation State and Empire Building  Abstract

Paper no. 58 64. Jane Humphries, September 2006. “Because they are too menny…” Children, Mothers and Fertility Decline: The Evidence from Working-Class Autobiographies of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries  Abstract

Paper no. 58 63. Mohammad Niaz Asadullah,  July 2006. Educational Disparity in East and West Pakistan, 1947–71: Was East Pakistan Discriminated Against?   Abstract

Paper no. 58 62. Camilla Brautaset and Regina Grafe, June 2006 .  The Quiet Transport Revolution: Returns to Scale, Scope and Network Density in Norway's 19th Century Sailing Fleet.  Abstract.

Paper no. 58 61. Natalia Mora-Sitja, April  2006. Exploring Changes in Earnings Inequality during Industrialization: Barcelona, 1856-1905.  Abstract.

Paper no. 58 60. Avner Offer, September 2005, revised version 2007.  The Markup for Lemons: Quality and Uncertainty in American and British Used-Car Markets, c. 1953-1973.  Abstract

Paper no. 58 59. Federico Varese, August 2005. How Mafias Migrate: The Case of the `Ndrangheta in Northern Italy.   Abstract.

Paper no. 58 58. Richard H. Steckel, April 2005.  Fluctuations in a Dreadful Childhood: Synthetic Longitudinal Height Data, Relative Prices, and Weather in the Short-term Health of American Slaves   Abstract

Paper no. 58 57.  Pablo Astorga, Ame E. Bergés, and Valpy Fitzgerald, March 2005. Endogenous Growth and Exogenous Shocks in Latin America during the Twentieth Century   Abstract

Paper no. 58 56. N.H. Dimsdale, N. Horsewood, and A. Van Riel, October 2004.  Unemployment and Real Wages in Weimar Germany   Abstract

Paper no. 58 55. Regina Grafe, May 2004. Popish Habits vs. Nutritional Need: Fasting and Fish Consumption in Iberia in the Early Modern Period  Abstract.

Paper no. 58 54. Pablo Astorga, Ame E. Bergés, and Valpy Fitzgerald, March 2004. The Standard of Living in Latin America During the Twentieth Century  Abstract.

Paper no. 58 53. Teresa da Silva Lopes, February 2004. Evolution of Corporate Governance in Global Industries: The Case of Multinationals in Alcoholic Beverages  Abstract.

Paper no. 58 52. Pablo Astorga, Ame R. Bergés, and Valpy Fitzgerald, December 2003. Productivity Growth in Latin America during the Twentieth Century  Abstract.

Paper no. 58 51. David Stead, October 2003. Risk and Risk Management in English Agriculture, c. 1750-1850  Abstract.

Paper no. 58 50. Robert Dryburgh, March 2003. Individual, Illegal, and Unjust Purposes': Overseers, Incentives, and the Old Poor Law in Bolton, 1820-1837   Abstract.

Paper no. 58 49. Alexandre Debs, January 2003. The Source of Walras's Idealist Bias: A Review of Koppl's Solution to the Walras Paradox (pdf file)  Abstract.

Paper no. 58 48. Oliver Wavell Grant, September 2002. Does Industrialisation Push Up Inequality? New Evidence on the Kuznets Curve from Nineteenth-Century Prussian Tax Statistics(pdf file)  Abstract.

Paper no. 58 47. Oliver Wavell Grant, August 2002. Productivity in German Agriculture: Estimates of Agricultural Productivity from Regional Accounts for 21 German Regions: 1880/4, 1893/7 and 1905/9(pdf file)   Abstract.

 Paper no. 58 46. Elaine S. Tan, June 2002. 'The Bull is Half the Herd': Property Rights and Enclosures in England, 1750-1850 (pdf file)

Paper no. 58 45. Natalia Mora Sitja, May 2002. Labour and Wages in Pre-Industrial Catalonia (pdf file)

Paper no. 58 44. Avner Offer, March 2002. Why has the Public Sector Grown so Large in Market Societies? The Political Economy of Prudence in the UK, c. 1870-2000 (pdf file)  Published version (OUP)  Abstract.

Paper no. 58 43. A. B. Atkinson, January 2002. Top Incomes in the United Kingdom Over the Twentieth Century (pdf file)   Abstract.

Paper no. 58 42. Walter Eltis, December 2001. Lord Overstone and the Establishment of British Nineteenth-Century Monetary Orthodoxy (pdf file)

Paper no. 58 41. Charles H. Feinstein and Mark Thomas, July 2001. A Plea for Errors (pdf file)   Abstract.

Paper no. 58 40. Michael Biggs, April, 2001.  Positive Feedback in Collective Mobilization: The American Strike Wave of 1886 (pdf file) Abstract
Paper no. 58 39. Peter Temin, March 2001. A Market Economy in the Early Roman Empire (pdf file) Abstract.
Paper no. 58 38. George Speight, December 2000. Who Bought the Inter-War Semi? The Socio-Economic Characteristics of New-House Buyers in the 1930s (pdf file) Abstract.
          Paper no. 58 37. Martin West, October 2000. State Intervention in English Education, 1833-1891: A Public Goods and Agency Approach (pdf file)
          Paper no. 5836. Alasdair Crockett, August 2000. Variations in Churchgoing Rates in England in 1851: Supply-side Deficiency or Demand-led
           Decline  (pdf file) Abstract.           Paper no. 5835. Liam Brunt, February 2000. "Where there's Muck there's Brass" The Market for Manure in the Industrial Revolution(pdf file)

Paper no. 58 34. Avner Offer, January 2000. EconomicWelfare Measurements and Human Well-Being, [revised version, March 2000](pdffile) Abstract

Paper no. 58 33. Paul A. David and Gavin Wright, October 1999. Early Twentieth Century Productivity Growth Dynamics: An Inquiry into the Economic History of  "Our Ignorance" (pdf file) Abstract

Paper no. 58 32. Liam Brunt, September1999. An Arbitrage Model in Crop Rotation in 18th Century England (pdf file130,123) Abstract

Paper no. 58 31. Paul A. David andGavin Wright, September 1999. General Purpose Technologies and Surges in Productivity: Historical Reflections on the Future of the ICT Revolution (pdf file 155,873) Abstract

Paper no. 58 30. Matthew Braham ,June 1999. Volunteersfor Development: A Test of the Post-Materialist Hypothesis in Britiain, c. 1965-1987 (pdf file 174,956) Abstract

Paper no. 58 29. Liam Brunt , June1999. Estimating English Wheat Production in the Industrial Revolution (pdffile 124,800) Abstract

Paper no. 58 28. Antonia Taddei ,April 1999. London Clubs in the Late Nineteenth Century (pdf file 130,276) Abstract

Paper no. 58 27. Oliver Grant, December1998. The Diffusion of the Herringbone Parlour: A Case Study in the History of Agricultural Technology (pdf file 329,061) Abstract

Paper no. 58 26. David Stead , November1998. An Arduous and Unprofitable Undertaking: The Enclosure of Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire (pdf file,148,998) Abstract

Paper no. 58 25. Avner Offer , November1998. Epidemicsof Abundance: Overeating and Slimming in the USA and Britain since the1950s (pdf file, 214,174) Abstract

Paper no. 58 24. Federico Varese andMeir Yaish, May 1998. Altruism: The Importance of Being Asked. The Rescue of Jews in Nazi Europe (pdffile, 99,405) Abstract

Paper no. 58 23. Paul A. David, July 2001. From Keeping ‘Nature’s Secrets’ to the Institutionalization of ‘Open Science’ (pdf file) Abstract

Paper no. 58 22. Tim Leunig , Feb1998. New Answers to Old Questions: Transport Costs and the Slow Adoption of Ring Spinning in Lancashire (pdf file, 72,6903 bytes) Abstract

Paper no. 58 21. Hans-Joachim Voth, Dec 1997. Timeand Work in Eighteenth-Century London (pdf file, 141,883 bytes) Abstract

Paper no. 58 20. Paul A. David ,Nov 1997. Path Dependence and the Quest for Historical Economics: One More chorus of Balladof QWERTY (pdf file, 189,334 bytes) Abstract

Paper no. 58 19. Liam Brunt, Oct1997. Nature or Nurture? Explaining English Wheat Yields in the Agricultural Revolution. (pdffile, 90,358 bytes) Abstract

Paper no. 58 18. Dan H. Andersen andHans-Joachim Voth, Sept 1997. Neutrality and Mediterranean Shipping Under Danish Flag, 1750-1807, (pdf file,123,729bytes) Abstract

Paper no. 58 17. Ilana Krausman Ben-Amos, June 1997. Human Bonding: Parents and Their Offspring in Early Modern England, (pdf file, 97,255 bytes) Abstract

Paper no. 58 16. Ed Butchart , May1997 Unemployment and Non-Employment in Interwar Britain, (pdf file 88,609bytes) Abstract

Paper no. 58 15. Tom Nicholas, April 1997. Businessmen and Land Purhcase in Late Nineteenth Century England, (pdf file, 66,394bytes) Abstract

Paper no. 58 14. Cristiano Andrea Ristuccia, March 1997. 1935 Sanctions Against Italy: Would Coal and Crude Oil Have Made a Difference? ,(pdf file, 182, 433 bytes) Abstract

Paper no. 58 13. Norbert Paddags, February 1997. TheGerman Railways - The Economic and Political Feasibility of Fiscal Reforms During the Inflation of the Early 1920s, (pdf file, 129,667 bytes) Abstract

Paper no. 58 12. David M. Engstrom, February 1997. The Economic Determinants of Ethnic Segregation in Post-War Britain, (pdf file, 124,651 bytes) Abstract

Paper no. 58 11. Avner Offer, December 1996, rev. version 1998. The American Automobile Frenzy of the 1950s (pdf file) Abstract

Paper no. 58 10. Wayne Graham, August1996. The Randlord's Bubble 1894-6: South African Gold Mines and Stock Market Manipulation   Abstract

Paper no. 58 9. Charles Feinstein, July 1996. Conjectures and Contrivances: Economic Growth and the Standard of Living in Britain During the Industrial Revolution (1,663,361 bytes) Zipped(206,986bytes) Abstract

Paper no. 58 8. Hans-Joachim Voth,June 1996 Why Did Working Hours Increase in Eighteenth-Century London? Labour Supply Decisions and Consumer Durables During the Industrial Revolution (969,072 bytes) Zipped(128,582bytes) Abstract

Paper no. 58 7. James Foreman-Peck, May 1996. 'Technological Lock-in' and the Power Source for the Motor Car (397,698 bytes) Zipped(58,472bytes) Abstract

Paper no. 58 6. Hans-Joachim Voth,April 1996. How Long was the Working Day in London in the 1750s? Evidence from the Courtroom (762,485bytes) Zipped(113,293bytes) Abstract

Paper no. 58 5. Paul A. David, March1996. Real Income and Economic Welfare Growth in the Early Republic or, Another Try at Getting the American Story Straight

Paper no. 58 4. Philip Grover, February1996 The Stroudwater Canal Company and its Role in the Mechanisation of the Gloucestershire Woollen Industry, 1779-1840 (493,097 bytes) Zipped(79,075bytes) Abstract

Paper no. 58 3. Avner Offer, January 1996 [published version, Aug. 1997]. Between the Gift and the Market: the Economy of Regard. (pdf) Abstract

Paper no. 58 2. Liam Brunt, December1995. TurningWater into Wine New Methods of Calculating Farm Output and New Insights into Rising Crop Yields during the Agricultural Revolution (pdf) Abstract

Paper no. 58 1. Hans-Joachim VothandTimothy Leunig, November 1995. Did Smallpox Reduce Height? Stature and the Standard of Living in London, 1770-1873.


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