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2000-W38 Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen and Neil Shephard - Reply to the discussion of "Non-Gaussian OU based models and some of their uses in financial economics," read to the Royal Statistical Society on 18th October, 2000.

2000-W37* Hans-Martin Krolzig, Massimiliano Marcellino and Grayham E. Mizon - A Markov-Switching Vector Equilibrium Correction Model of the UK Labour Market.

2000-W36* Michael P. Clements and Hans-Martin Krolzig - Can Oil Shocks Explain Asymmetries in the US Business Cycle?

2000-W35* Hans-Martin Krolzig - Testing for Cobreaking and Super Exogeneity in the Presence of Deterministic Shifts.

2000-W34* Hans-Martin Krolzig - General-to-Specific Reductions in Vector Autoregressive Processes.

2000-W33* Hans-Martin Krolzig - Business Cycle Measurement in the Presence of Structural Change: International Evidence

2000-W32* Michael P. Clements and Hans-Martin Krolzig - Business Cycle Asymmetries: Characterisation and Testing based on Markov-Switching Autoregressions.

2000-W31* Hans-Martin Krolzig - Predicting Markov-Switching Vector Autoregressive Processes

2000-W30* Daniel J. Zizzo and Daniel Sgroi - Bounded-rational behavior by neural networks in normal form games

2000-W29 Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen and Neil Shephard - Econometric analysis of realised volatility and its use in estimating Levy based non-Gaussian OU type stochastic volatility models

2000-W28* Clive G. Bowsher - On Testing Overidentifying Restrictions in Dynamic Panel Data Models

2000-W27* Volker Nocke - Monopolisation and Industry Strucutre

2000-W26* Paul Klemperer - What really matters in auction design.

2000-W25* Paul Klemperer - Why every economist should learn some auction theory.

2000-W24 Bent Nielsen - The asymptotic distribution of likelihood ratio test statistics for cointegration in unstable vector autoregressive processes.

2000-W23* Samuel G. Berlinski - On the estimation and testing of wage equations using GMM

2000-W22 Søren Johansen, Rocco Mosconi and Bent Nielsen - Cointegration Analysis in the Presence of Structural Breaks in the Deterministic Trend is published in Econometrics Journal, vol. 3, p. 216-249 (2000) and can be found on the web on

2000-W21 John Thanassoulis - Multiproduct Haggling(updated version)

2000-W20 Christopher Bliss - The Smash-and-Grab Game

2000-W19 David Myatt - Strategic Voting Incentives in a Three Party System - Available Soon

2000-W18 Bronwyn H. Hall, Albert N. Link and John T. Scott Universities as Research Partners

2000-W17 Bronwyn H. Hall, Adam Jaffe and Manuel Trajtenberg Market Value and Patent Citations: A First Look

2000-W16 Bronwyn H. Hall and Rosemarie Ham Ziedonis The Patent Paradox Revisited: An Empirical Study of Patenting in the US Semiconductor Industry, 1979-95

2000-W15* Daniel Sgroi The Right Choice at the Right Time: A Herding Experiment in Endogenous Time

2000-W14* Daniel Sgroi Optimizing Information in the Herd . A version of this paper is now published in Games and Economic Behavior 39, 137-166, April 2002.

2000-W13* Ran Spiegler Pro Arugments, Con Arguments and Status Quo Bias in Multi-Issue Decision Problems

2000-W12* John Quah Weak Axiomatic Demand Theory

2000-W11* Leonardo Felli and Kevin Roberts Does Competition Solve the Hold-up Problem?

2000-W10* Margaret Stevens Wage-Tenure Contracts in a Frictional Labour Market: Firms' Strategies for Recruitment and Retention.

2000-W9* Margaret Stevens Reconciling Theoretical and Empirical Human Capital Earnings Functions

 2000-W8 Christian List A Note on Measuring Preference Structuration

  2000-W7* David Myatt Strategic Voting Under the Qualified Majority Rule

  2000-W6* John Quah An Elementary Equilibrium Existence Theorem

  2000-W5* David P Myatt and Chris Wallace Dominated Strategies and Equilibrium Selection

  2000-W4* Gavin Cameron R&D and Growth at the Industry Level

  2000-W3 Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen and Neil Shephard Modelling by Levy processess for financial econometrics, Prepared for a chapter of Barndorff-Nielsen, Ole E and Thomas Mikosch and Sid Resnick (2000) Levy Processes -- Theory and Applications, Birkhauser, Boston.

  2000-W2 Christopher Bliss The Application of Toy Economic Models to the Analysis of Globalization

  2000-W1 Christopher Bliss A Modification of Ronald Jones's Specific Factors Model; with Historical and other Applications

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